Proof of Funds for your F-1 International Student Visa

July 15th, 2021 by admin

Flag over US Embassy for Proof of Funds to study in the US

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of schools and confirmed admissions, the next step is to apply for an F-1 international student visa to get authorization to study in the US.

All prospective foreign students are required to demonstrate that they have the financial capability to support him or herself while studying in the US. This includes covering tuition and fees, living expenses, and any dependents – without working during your studies.

Proof of Funds

To meet the Proof of Funds requirement for your F-1 visa, you will either need to present proof of funds for yourself or do so through a sponsorship (such as a relative financially backing your education). It is important that you check directly with the consulate as this may vary by country and agency, but here are some general considerations and documents you should bring during your visit.

Proof of liquid assets

The consulate will want to see that you are able to cover your education and living expenses. While there are generally no specific documents that prove this, there are some commonly used documents that help support proof of funds including:

  • Original tax returns from the last three years (Form 16)
  • Three years of bank records and/or fixed deposit statements of your sponsor (which can also be your parent)
  • Pay slips, employment letters
  • Chartered accountant statements
  • Scholarships (which should be indicated on your I-20)
  • Property documents

The US government is concerned more with liquid assets such as savings accounts and checking accounts since they want to ensure that you have easy access to these funds. Investments with fluctuating values and property deeds are not generally recommended as proof of funds. The embassy is looking to see that you have immediate funds to cover the first-year costs of your education and that you’ll have access to funds for the following years needed to complete your degree.

Original Documents in English

Additionally, it is important that all of your documents are original, in English (or an official translation attached), and official. Your bank documents should be on bank letterhead with the name of the account holder, account number, and the total amount of funds indicated on the forms.


If you are planning to study in the US but do not have sufficient funds, you can have a sponsor support you instead. Many international students have a sponsor, such as a family member, to help cover their educational expenses. Sponsors can be located inside or outside the US.

There are a lot of available scholarships that are designed specifically for international students. You can search for the latest listings of international scholarships.

All you have to do is to make sure that you are eligible for the scholarship. Some of the requirements are having the right positive attitude in school and towards one’s future career, the willingness to excel in his or her academics, and many more.

Affidavit of Support Form

If the student is sponsored by a US citizen, they would need to complete the I-134 Affidavit of Support Form that requires the sponsor to cover any expenses that the student cannot afford.

If the student is sponsored with funds outside the US, then the embassy would check to see if there are any fund transfer restrictions from the specified country. If there are any restrictions, the student must be equipped with evidence that the student will be able to access these funds during the period of study.

Consulate and Embassy

The final determination of sufficient proof of funds is determined by the consulate or embassy. Even if you provide these documents they can still deny the student visa. Be sure to check with your school and consulate to make sure you have all the proper forms necessary when arriving for your F-1 student visa interview.

Also make sure that you are prepared to answer all of the questions in the interview in the best way possible. Be eloquent, explain things clearly and in a straightforward manner, and always be at your best form. Doing these and matching it with your complete documents gives you a higher chance of being accepted for an F- Visa.

*Please note: you should always confirm he latest requirements with official sources as they can change and this article may not reflect the latest changes.


  1. Deepak Basnet says:

    Can you please provide similar article on proof of finance for Canada? I heard that Canada accepts bank loans from local banks of international students. Is it true

  2. Razia Bano says:

    i want to study in USA on scolership so please mail me the answer.

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Razia,

      Thank you for your interest. has multiple scholarships that you are able to search through. Once you find a scholarship that you are interested in, you can contact the institution directly to apply. You can begin your search here.

  3. FAVOUR O. UBA says:


    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Favour,

      Unfortunately a co-signer is required for all international student loan programs. That co-signer must be a US citizen or permanent resident, with good credit, who has lived in the US for the past two years. My best suggestion would be to contact any family or friends that you might have who meet these requirements then go from there. Good luck!

  4. michaelk says:

    I was looking for a way to take a loan before i go to college in the US.
    The banks I have seen say that I have to be at college for at least 3 months. 🙁

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Thank you for your comment Michael.

      I’m sorry to hear that you have not yet found a lender. You might want to visit here and complete the comparison tool to make sure you have checked out every available lender.

      Good luck!

  5. mulindwa Gonzaga says:

    my friend is a citizen in the US. she wants to sponsor me for a masters degree in the US. I am not a US citizen. do you think that is possible?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Mulindwa,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is possible to have a US sponsor for your studies in the US. Keep in mind your sponsor must be able to provide the proof of funds and complete a I-134 Affidavit of Support Form.

      Keep in mind that final approval will come from the consulate or embassy.

  6. Monir Uz Zaman says:

    My father is a farmer, never pay taxes even not having any bank account. Well, if i can manage full fund from professors then would it be possible to obtain visa?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Monir,

      Thank you for your message. You will need to show proof of funds to be approved for your visa. This can either be through your assets or a sponsor’s (someone who agrees to financially assist you) assets. Either way, you will need to have documentation to prove you have funds available to you.

      Good luck!

  7. Roshen maduranga says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Roshen Maduranga.And I am following a media cause.Therefor I need to buy necessary equipment.
    My Parents are poor.So they cant buy those things for my study.Please support me to have my equipment from your agency.
    If you need documents to proof for my study I am willing to forward it.
    I am waiting for your positive response.
    Thank you
    Best Regards
    Roshen Maduranaga

  8. supriyo says:

    hi, i am from India want to work in south korea, can you tell me is there any requirement of bank statement of fund proof for work visa?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Supriyo,

      You will want to contact your consular’s office as they will be able to give you the most accurate information on this. Good luck!

  9. ankita says:

    My Colleague wants to sponsor me for masters study in germany ..I want to know wether he can sponsor me for my education,not completely,only a part of the total sum.My colleague is not in my blood relationship.Please reply

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Ankita,

      That is great if you found a sponsor. However, the embassy will have the final say on if your proof of funds will be approved- the only way to know for sure is to apply.

  10. Archak says:

    I am from India, and one of my relatives is partially sponsoring my graduate studies in US. He will be providing his bank statement proof for the same. He is concerned to know that will there be some monitoring or restriction to maintain a minimum balance in his bank account by any department, because he has signed an affidavit of sponsorship ?

  11. Maeel says:

    I want to studdy in USA but the thing is my parents can’t sponsor my studies since we have some debts but my uncle is a US citizen he has his own business. Can he sponsor all my studies and expenses there? even if I have no money in my bank account?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Maeel,

      Thanks for visiting. If you would like to be sponsored by a US citizen, they would need to complete the I-134 Affidavit of Support Form that requires the sponsor to cover any expenses that you as the student cannot afford. Good luck!

  12. paacal says:

    can I use a fixed deposit account statement to show proof of funds at the interview?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Paacal,

      Thanks for visiting. Yes, fixed deposit statements are commonly used to show proof of funds.

  13. Lenny Rose Ravelo says:

    Hi! I want to take IEP. I am turning 19 years old. My parents cannot sponsor me or even my other relatives. But someone in the US wants to give me a scholarship, he is a us citizen. He is not my relative, he is only someone who wants to give me a scholarship. Is he qualified to be my sponsor in my study?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Lenny,

      Usually sponsors are different than someone offering you a scholarship. Sponsors usually agree to cover all or a large portion of your fees while scholarships are usually a set portion. You will need to speak with the individual directly as to how much they plan on funding. Good luck!

  14. Nukuzo says:

    Hi Bryanna, I’m planning to do my Masters in the states. What is the minimum proof of fund required by the immigration dept?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Nukuzo,

      Thanks for visiting! You will be required to demonstrate that you have the financial capability to support yourself while studying in the US. This means you will need to show that you have the funds to cover tuition and fees, living expenses, and any dependents – without working during your studies. This exact amount will vary depending on where you’re studying, but your school should be able to give you a better idea of how much you will need.

  15. Aakanksha says:

    I am going to pursue my MS in US. My education shall be part sponsored by my relatives in UK. Is that feasible? And would it require any additional document during the Visa application?
    Would be helpful if you could clarify. Thank you.

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Aakanksha,

      Thanks for visiting. You will need to show proof of funds from each outlet you have. So if you have some funds coming from family, some from another bank account and other funds from a different outlet- you will need to show proof of funds from each. Good luck!

  16. MVP says:

    Can a US registered company sponsor my expenses(tution and living) while I’m on F1 VISA with a condition that I will work for them after my education ?

    • Bryanna Davis says:


      Thanks for your message. Typically you need to have proof of liquid funds such as bank statements, property, etc. Best of luck to you!

  17. rezwana says:

    i am applying for F1 visa and my father will sponsor me but the only problem is my fathers name is slightly different than my passport’s name e.g. Abu Bakar Siddiq and the name on his bank is Sheikh Abu Bakar Siddique. can i do a affidavit for that?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Rezwana,

      Thanks for visiting. There are many students who have non-family members sponsor them without any issues, although only the consulate can say for sure, your father’s name being difference from yours shouldn’t be a problem. However, when it comes to showing proof of funds you will need to be able to show proof that the funds are there. Make sure you bring any supporting document that shows how he will be paying for your education. Good luck!

  18. Pavi says:

    Should we show financial proof for the 1st yr of MS alone while getting visa or for 2yrs?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Pavi,

      You will need to be able to show proof of funds for the entire time that you’ll be studying in the US or have a sponsor that is able to show that they will have the means to support your expenses. Good luck!

  19. joseph says:

    is a student loan enough for financial proof ? we it be enough if it cover all my school fees living expensive, health insurance etc?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for visiting.

      Some students are able to use loan approval as proof of funds, but its not easy and its up to the school and consular officer if they’ll accept a loan approval as proper funds. You would need to apply for the loan now, list the school you plan to attend, get initially approved based on the credit of your co-signer, then use that initial approval to complete your acceptance to the school. Good luck!

  20. Purna says:

    Dear Bryanna,
    My company is ready to sponsor for my MS in US. Company has a current account. Can I use current account statement of company as supporting document? Or it should be only savings account?
    And what other documents are to be taken from company?
    Awaiting for your reply,
    Thanks & Regards

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Purna,

      Thanks for your message. It doesn’t need to a savings account. As mentioned above, it can be and of the following when trying to show proof of liquid funds:

      •Original tax returns from the last three years (Form 16)
      •Three years of bank records and/or fixed deposit statements of your sponsor (which can also be your parent)
      •Pay slips, employment letters
      •Chartered accountant statements
      •Scholarships (which should be indicated on your I-20)
      •Property documents

  21. harsha says:

    can brother in law(husband of sister) be sponsor for usa education who stays in india?or it must be parents?if it can be brother in law will there be any visa problem even if he met requirements in terms of money?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Harsha,

      No, your sponsor doesn’t need to be your parents. However, they must be able to show adequate proof of funds. Good luck!

  22. Jasmer singh says:

    I am from India, and one of my family Friend is partially sponsoring for my daughter’s graduate studies in US. He will be providing his bank statement proof for the same. He is concerned to know that will there be some monitoring or restriction to maintain a minimum balance in his bank account by any department, because he has signed an affidavit of sponsorship ?

    • Hi Jasmer, thanks for your question. I would recommend that you contact your daughter’s international advisor to see what requirements your family friend will have in terms of maintaining a balance in his bank account. They’ll be able to provided further guidance on requirements for proof of funds, as required by both your school and the Department.

  23. Lakshman says:

    Dear Bryanna,
    First of all, Thanks for your answers, you are doing a great job.
    Now my question:
    Can my father’s friend sponsor 40% of my US education as a second sponsor, as my father is able to provide only 60% of the amount.


    • Hi Lakshman, thanks for your kind words! We surely hope the information we provide is helpful 🙂 That shouldn’t be a problem, but you will need to contact your school directly to see if this would be okay to use as proof of funds.

  24. Aastha says:

    Hi, my parents are sponsoring my education in US for the F1 visa appointment do they need to provide any affidavit or sponsorship letter. They are Indian citizens.

  25. Aastha says:

    For F1 visa proof of funds can we use FD deposit certificates instead of the Bank FD statement. Also, so FD statements need to be for a period of 3 years or a recent statement will work.

  26. PK says:


    I am working here in US under F-1 visa (OPT), I would like to sponsor a friend of mine for his Masters here in the US.
    Will my documents work for sponsorship? If they do, where can I find more information about it?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for your message. Your friend will need to contact their school to see if you can act as the sponsor, and he/she can also verify with them what documents you’ll need to provide. Good luck!

  27. Sujat Hussain Khan says:

    Hello sir i just want to apply for U.S study close relative (first cousin) wants to sponsor me he is able to bear the all expenses. He has sufficient funds in his bank account. Can he sponsor me?

  28. raviferozepuria says:

    My sweet friend is in usa florida but we will not yet meet with each other just chatting chatting she sponsor me is it is possible i want to join her and also want to study there so can you give some advice to me or for her

  29. raviferozepuria says:

    She said i will sponsor you

  30. raviferozepuria says:

    Dear sir or madam am waiting for your sweet reply kindly do a will for me

  31. Heston Dsouza says:


    If my uncles are depositing X amount of money to my sponsor’s account, how do I explain this in my Visa interview?

    • We recommend that you contact your school for guidance on what documents you’ll need and also contact them regarding your multiple sponsors. During your visa interview, it’s important that you are honest and straight forward with them regarding the funds and sources.

  32. Dillon says:

    If I’m a US citizen and I am sponsoring a friend for f1 student visa. I have had a bank letter show proof of my funds but after a few months most of the money has been spent. My account is fluctuating. . Does that influence the acceptance? Or the once I showed them proof is enough ? Is my account being monitored ?

    • Hi Dillon, thanks for your question. While your account is not being actively monitored throughout the year, it is possible that you may need to show proof of funds again. The best thing to do is contact the DSO at the school to confirm their requirements of showing proof of funds.

  33. Rashmi Choudhary says:

    My brother is sponsoring my F1 visa.Do i need affidavit of support from him or he can just write a letter and sign it.

  34. Sridhar Kathera says:

    I am moving my son from his current H4 to F1 status.
    As a proof of financial support, would my 401K funds be sufficient?
    Or, would a home equity line of credit suffice?


  35. Deepa says:

    Hi, I am currently on H4 and looking to change status to F1. I have I-20 from US accredited university for my MS.I will be filing the Form I-539 shortly and my expenses for the degree would be sponsored by my parents who are staying in India.What financial documents would I need to submit to USCIS?I currently have bank statements stating the funds available in FD’s and savings account as of July 2020.Will this be enough? Do they take FD into consideration for financial proofs.

    • Al C says:

      Hi Deepa,

      Thanks for your comment. For the latest information it’s best to check directly with USCIS in case there have been any recent changes. Good luck!

  36. olatunji says:

    helpful info keep it up till JESUS comes

  37. Ayuba Lawal Danmarka says:

    Please how can you help me?

  38. Abiye Adebisi says:

    How long does the US government embassy require for the proof of fund to be available in a sponsors/one’s account before the visa application. That is, proof of fund duration.

  39. Abiye Adebisi says:

    How long does the US government embassy require for proof of fund to be available in a sponsors/one’s account before visa application. That is, duration for proof of fund.

  40. Fiona says:

    I just want to say thank you once again and stay lovely aread

  41. ashima singh says:

    Hello I am Ashima singh
    I am dental student in india I want to pursue dentistry in USA and I need proper guidance and need help in getting scholarship.

  42. Agingo SSume says:

    Hello please my name is Agingo and I want to know how long it takes in legalization of documents in United States Of America to sponsor a cousin who has gained admission for his master’s degree in Germany. Thank you.

  43. Farhana says:

    Actually iam married before 3 years ,female..i have 1 i want to ask if my husband sponsor me is there any problem in interview…and the chances of visa approved how much? does visa officer asked any question related like y you are going for studies by leaving 2 and half year of daughter..and i have completed my graduation in 2015

  44. Tolulope says:

    What reason can I give for changing my sponsor from my uncle to my dad after amy f1 visa was denied

  45. Sulaiman says:

    My brother is sponsoring my F1 visa.Do i need affidavit of support from him or he can just write a letter and sign it.

  46. Jay says:

    My cousin brother is going to sponsor me but he lives in US but not a US citizen. He is H1B visa. He will be providing me all the bank details. But my question is does my F1 visa stands strong. Would there be any problem during my VISA?

  47. usman says:

    I wanna know that I’m using bank statement on my name but my sponser is my father
    Will it be okay
    Looking forward for positive reply thank you

  48. Endurance says:

    Is it possible to have two sponsors(example, my sister and her husband who are permanent residents in US), for my Masters program in the US?

  49. Dragana Samardzic says:

    I am an international student in the US and my private student loan has been approved. I have a US cosigner for the loan. However, the school is asking for I-134 form to be filled out by my sponsor. I was wondering who would be the sponsor in this case? Bank or cosigner?

  50. Abdihakin says:

    Hi I live in Ethiopia i need to get visa of USA how u can help me pls ????

  51. Ikleel says:

    Hey i wanna ask a question can my brother in law sponsor me on f1 visa

  52. Geofrey kimutai says:

    Hello, , is it possible to take two sponsors to us embassy for my visa to be approved?

  53. Becky says:

    Hello, Im in the US for political asylum. My case is still pending due to COVID, my daughter got a US citizen sponsor for her college program, should we go a head get a school she’ll get a student visa or my immigration status will affect her? Thanks

    • Al C says:

      Thanks for your email.

      Unfortunately we don’t offer specific advice on individual cases as this depends on your own circumstances.

      Thank you.

  54. Ayuba Timothy says:

    What are the requirements for a company to sponsor an employee for a master’s program?

  55. Diego Barba says:

    Hello, I have a sponsor that will help met pay the Tuition but the living expenses I will have will be pretty much 0 because I will be living with a family member untill i finish my masters. Do I need to prove any living expenses in that case?

  56. Md. Risul Islam Bandhan Molla says:

    If I show my father’s bank statement and pay the tuition and living costs from my bank account
    Will this make any problem?
    Or do I have to pay from my father’s account

  57. Sai kiran says:

    Hello i am student applying for f1 US visa, does my visa application get affected by applying business loan for funding?

  58. Shakeel says:

    Hi . I am a student from Sri Lanka. Can my cousin in law sponsor for me to study in USA, what is the documents required?

  59. Abigail says:

    Hi, I am in Ghana applying for a student visa in the US. My sponsor who is my aunt stays in the US and she wants to sponsor me. Will my visa be denied because my sponsor is in the US?

  60. Abdulhakim says:

    I want to sponsur arround the world please inform me

  61. Mahesha says:

    Im mahesha and I need to apply f1 visa.and I have 2 doughters.I need to go with my family..I can show fixed deposit funds for all of them snd can proof by sold our taht ok or..we need to show many more incomes

  62. Dr.basel says:

    if my uncle (a US citizen) is paying all my expenses including tuition fees and everything, do i have to bring a financial documents of my situation back home even if i am capable of handling all of the fees, would it be a problem or i must stick with his financial capabilities ?

  63. shambhu vaghani says:

    my daughter is applying for usa master.. can we myself , my wife and my elder daughter in usa jointly sponers her usa study expensese as proof of funds , how , thanks

  64. Yaa says:

    Please can my uncle sponsor me with his business bank statement or there will be issues?

  65. Enoch says:

    Please am from Ghana, am a Prison officer and I have a friend who is a Norwegian ,He wants me to visit him on an invitation..please the embassy is requesting for my Pay-slip and currently am on a loan on my payslip can it affect my application or refusal of the visa. Thank you

  66. Andleeb says:

    Hi…. I’m planning for masters in USA and I don’t have bank statements and I will do funding through loan from my home country so due to not having bank statement is there any chance of visa rejection?

  67. Hale says:

    Hello pls can I use my cooperate acct of my business or my personal savings account for proof of funds .

  68. Dan says:

    If I were to receive scholarships or fellowships from the school in the US, does that mean that my bank statement can be lower than the expected amount since it will be covered by the scholarships? Or the bank statement still needs to state that I have enough to cover for everything?

  69. Adeleye Daniel says:

    I am a 37 years old who just got admitted into the University of Akron to study Criminal Intelligence Analysis. I finished my high school in 2002 but had some HND in my country Nigeria but I wish to go for this present degree so want to know my chances at the embassy. Need your help

  70. Mayuri says:

    Hi, Can I show my loan sanction letter or the solvency letter that shows funds more than what is required and mentioned in my I-20?

  71. Md ubaid says:

    Hi, my brother travelled for the US for study and his visa has been cancelled and the reason is the funds for the fee was available in the father’s account not the students account and he has been sent back to india. Can he apply for the visa again if yes in how much time

  72. Mangesh Rane says:

    Hello i am student applying for f1 US visa ,does my visa application get affected if i am showing fixed deposit jointly with my (first) name and father name?

  73. Srinidhi says:

    For financial documents I am showing
    My own personal savings (I am employed)
    And my mother will be sponsoring (she is self employed with income source from renting agricultural land and house rent).this is from ancestoral property.
    I am taking 3 yrs bank statements and it returns docs ..
    Will there be any problem with visa approval for f1? Or any additional doc I should carry ?
    Please help me as I am a lil confused

  74. ca sanchita rathi says:

    hwo do i show my share holdings since share certificates are not there anymore,do i just have to give a statement of holding from my share broker motilal ostwal or is there some other specific requirement . secondly do i need to translate all my land purchase deeds in english along with valuation report of certified valuer

  75. Karthik says:

    Can you please tell what happend to your visa ?

  76. Jihan says:

    my sister (American citizen) is it possible to accept her as a sponsor for my son (not American citizen) for educational financial fund (affidavit of support )


    I have applied to study at international college at YORK UNIVERSITY for my study. How I can get this opportunity in undergraduate program?

  78. Abhinav says:

    Hi all, I want to study in US , I have some doubts regarding financial proofs, we own a cattle farm and we have a farming land, so we don’t have IT returns, payslips for our income, can I use my Education loan bank statements which I applied for MS as financial proofs at visa? Or else can I show saving account bank statement for the required amount? Will my visa gets approved when I say about our source of income(medium size cattle farm and farming land)

    • Al C says:

      Unfortunately, we don’t offer specific advice on applications as this depends on your own individual circumstances. Please check with your visa advisor.

      Thank you.

  79. venkat says:

    I am on h1b and I am trying to sponsor my brother for his PHD. I have 3 different bank accounts. When I am filing i-134 form is it mandatory to mention all of the accounts? Also one other question, I have a house and I took a mortgage for my monthly payments. Do I have to specify my mortgage in my i-134?

    • Al C says:

      Unfortunately, we don’t offer specific advice on applications as this depends on your own individual circumstances. Please check with your visa advisor.

      Thank you.

  80. eugene osuagwu says:

    My step mom is my sponsor for my student visa application .the School av already accepted her and approved my I-20 documents .Will she being my sponsor accepted by the embassy

    • Al C says:

      Unfortunately, we don’t offer specific advice on applications as this depends on your own individual circumstances. Please check with your visa advisor.

      Thank you.

  81. Ishimwe Nadine says:

    I have sponsor it help us paid school fees for studind or learning USA, thanks

  82. Amitabh says:

    I need admission job and study
    My program construction training
    I m international student
    I m from India
    I want to visa

    • Al C says:

      Unfortunately, we don’t offer specific advice on programs or schools as this important decision depends on your own individual circumstances.

      Thank you.

  83. Chukwunonso Tek says:

    I have in my local currency funding up to the tune of 72,000 USD in liquid cash in my staff account in a bank where I work. This money is a total contribution made to me by family members. So instead of taking all their bank statement, the money was sent to my account in lump sum. I also have an uncle abroad who is a doctor I will be leaving with him and he will cover any other expenses if it arises
    My question now is that the money has not been in my account for 6 months at least I was paid last week as my admission came in late (May 25th) will my account statement be a good proof? What else could go wrong? Kindly advise thank you.

    • Al C says:

      Unfortunately, we don’t offer specific advice on applications as this depends on your own individual circumstances. Please check with your visa advisor.

      Thank you.

  84. Cudjoe says:

    HI, concerning the proof of funds, should the annual cost be an amount that is sitting in the account? lets say the cost is $30,000. should that amount be readily available in the account?

    • Al C says:

      Unfortunately, we don’t offer specific advice on applications as this depends on your own individual circumstances. Please check with your visa advisor.

      Thank you.

  85. Muhammad Yaseen says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Muhammad Yaseen From Pakistan , I have applied to the Master of Health Services Administration program at National Louis University for the Fall 2022 term, but unfortunately i am describing about my previous Education i have done BBA 4 years in 2011 i have 5 to 7 years experience in different organizations currently doing job as a senior assistant at Aga khan Hospital. I want to get a scholarship for that program. I have a request to tell me what is the requirement for avail, kindly tell me step by step. I hope you will lead me to make my future bright…
    Thanks Regards,
    Muhammad Yaseen

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