Who Hires Foreign Workers?

March 8th, 2011 by IEFA

The process of hiring a non-US worker can be daunting for US businesses.  Even international students who have completed a degree in the USA and are looking for a job during their OPT can be at a disadvantage compared to US students – employers are much more familiar with the process of hiring US students.

For those international students that would like to stay and work in the USA, the path that many seek to follow is: F-1 student visa; find a job after graduation in  Optional Practical Training (OPT) status; convert the OPT job into an H1B job; apply for permanent residency.

But how do you find those employers that are not put off by the process involved in hiring non-US workers?

The Foreign Labor Certification Data Center has an online library where you can download a list of all of the H1B applications for each fiscal year. Most international students are interested in H1b status, but there are other categories as well. The 2010 fiscal year H1B file is big – about 24 MB – but its got a wealth of information for any OPT job searchers out there!

Once you’ve downloaded the data, you can save it as a csv file and open it in excel.  Then you can sort by category, geography, salary or any other criteria you like – all helpful information for any job-seeker out there:


Visit the Working in the USA section of InternationalStudent.com for details on working in the USA while on an F1 visa.

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