New Study Abroad Blog and Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarships

February 2nd, 2007 by IEFA

This week launched a new Study Abroad Blog. For starters it will feature Matt Brattin, winner of the travel contest, as he prepares to go to Spain this summer to begin his MBA at Esade. Matt has a unique tone and outlook and his writing promises to be funny and insightful — check out his first post.

In his first post, Matt talks about the time he has spent preparing his application for a Jack Kent Cooke graduate scholarship. The application is a lot of work (eight essays!), and the process is very competitive — but awards from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation are very generous, and they come with an added dose of prestige. These scholarships are open to US students studying abroad, like Matt, but also to international students studying in the US.

Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

The JKC Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship Program each year awards approximately 50 scholarships to students attending community colleges or two-year institutions in the US and planning to transfer to four-year institutions. These awards cover 2-3 years to finish the undergraduate degree, and cover tuition and living expenses up to $30,000.

The 2006 winners came from the US and eight other nations: Belarus, Vietnam, Ecuador, Jamaica, Palestine, Bhutan, Romania and China. To apply, you have to be nominated by your campus JKC Foundation representative. The 50 2006 winners were selected from 676 nominees from 438 community or two-year colleges throughout the US — obviously a very competitive process.

Graduate Scholarship

The JKC Foundation awards 30 graduate scholarships per year, and each award can cover tuition and living expenses up to $50,000 per year for up to six years!

The 2006 award winners came from the US and nine other countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Paraguay, Romania, Trinidad, and Togo.

Best of luck to Matt in his attempt to win one of these unbelievable awards. You can follow Matt through the process at the Study Abroad blog. And for more information on the awards themselves, visit the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation website.

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