Top 4 Places for Financial Aid for International Students

May 31st, 2013 by Jennifer Frankel

girl with computer146789416Funding college can be expensive, especially if you have to pay for your education overseas. Most students rely on their own personal savings and get help from family members, however this many not necessarily be enough to cover all of your costs. With most degree programs taking four years, and sometimes even longer, getting an international education can certainly add up. If you are looking to get financial aid for your education overseas, we recommended looking at the following sources:

– Institutional Help – Many colleges and universities offer some sort of financial assistance to their international students. While some schools offer more than others, get in touch with your international student advisor to see what’s available, how competitive it can be, and whether you can rely on it. You will also want to find out when you need to apply and be sure to write down any deadlines in your calendar to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines.

– Private Scholarships & Grants – Universities aren’t the only organization that provides financial assistance to international students. Home country governments, host country governments, non-profit organizations, and international companies do support studying abroad through scholarships, grants, and other awards. Be sure to do your research to find out which awards are available so that you can apply and increase your likelihood of winning awards.

– Work in the US – Many visas have restrictions on the type of work you can do and in what capacity you can do it. Many schools do have openings for part-time employment opportunities that are available to international students. To find out what’s available, check out your school’s current openings and make sure that you are eligible. Remember, payment is minimal and should be expected to cover only ancillary expenses.

– International Student Loans – International students can apply for an international student loan as long as they have a US cosigner. This cosigner must be a US citizen or US permanent resident with good credit and who has lived in the US for a minimum of two years. If international students have a cosigner, they can apply for the total cost of their education minus any other financial aid they’ve received.


  1. evanice says:

    need information for my 2 sons studying in university and high school hawaii,about some scholarship.

  2. Meseret Tolera Wodajo says:

    I want to learn MA degree inbusiness and leadership. but I havenot any fund.please help me in finding sponser.

  3. Alawonde Aderemi Silvanus says:

    i need an admission for Bachelor degree programme with a financial aid for a successful completion to study software engineering.


    I am very interested in Financial Aid for international students( Institutional Help or Private scholarships and Grants ).Could you help me ! Thanks !

  5. Chi chi says:

    Hi ,
    It has been my dream to be come a nurseand would like to study in USA but dont have enough finance to sponsor myself. Pls hw do I go about it ? Thank u

  6. elizabeth says:

    I’am trying to find out any kind of scholarship or something

  7. Moses says:

    Greeting please how gets scholarships and financial aid to help study ,iam from nigeria so much desiring study in to international around the.thanks for opportunity to write you guys.

  8. Ernest IRONSA MAGAYANE says:

    The website doesn’t show the list of organizations which should provide to the international students who expect to study the MASID&COEX for the academic year 2013/15

  9. ahmed says:

    i will be very happy to study abroad, but i am too poor to afford that

  10. rhog13 says:

    i am fresh graduate in the Philippines and i am planning to proceed medicine in United States but we dont have that much money to pursue my dream in becoming a doctor.How can i apply for an international student scholarship and its process?

  11. ntambweteddy says:

    je suis africain sud-saharien DIPLOME desirant etudier a M.I.T. et avoir bourse totale inter

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