Private Student Loans for International Students

April 9th, 2012 by Jennifer Frankel

If you are an international student interested in coming to the United States to study, or if you are currently enrolled in a US university or college, you may be looking for private sources of funding. While scholarships, grants and fellowships are a great place to start, you may soon realize that this is insufficient to cover your tuition, room and board, books, and other living expenses. Many international students turn to private student loans in this case.

If you are an international student considering a private student loan, there are a couple of pointers that you will want to know before applying for any loan.

1. Not all loans work for international students. Each lender has their own restrictions on eligibility. Some lenders only work with US citizens or green card holders, thereby eliminating any possibility of an international student obtaining a private student loan. Before you begin your application, be sure to check whether you are eligible before spending time gathering your information and completing the required documents.

2. Not all loans work for all schools. Private student loans have to be school-certified and thus only certain schools work with specific lenders. You will need to check with your lender to confirm that they work directly with the school you plan to attend – or the school you are currently enrolled in. Once you apply for a loan, the total loan amount is certified by your school. Loans are typically certified for the cost of attendance minus any other financial aid. The funds are then dispersed to your school that then disperse the funds to the international student.

3. Cosigner required. Most international students are required to have a US cosigner. That cosigner must be a US citizen or permanent resident that has lived in the United States for the last two years. To get the best available rate, your cosigner should have good credit history and rating.

For additional help in comparing lenders, check out our international student loan comparison tool that consider all of these factors to provide you with a list of eligible private student loan options. By choosing your school and citizenship, you will be given a list of lenders that have been prescreened based on your eligibility.


  1. majid omari says:

    am very much interested to study at US but i don’t have some money may you please help me. Am a Tanzania found in Africa

    • blindblom says:

      Hi Majid,

      Thank you for your interest in studying in the US. I have sent you an email with more information on international student loans. I hope the information provided will assist you.

  2. elijah kariuki says:

    im 18 years old and would like to study in one of the colleges in usa but i am financially unstable with even no means to start my education.would you please help me?im a kenyan

  3. Naveed Ahmed says:

    This is Naveed from Dubai having pakistani nationality. I am very interested to study in US but i dont have some monty so please help me. Waiting for your kind response

    • blindblom says:

      Thank you Elijah and Naveed for your comments,

      If you are searching for international student loans to fund your studies, you can follow the link provided above. This will take you to a loan comparison tool where you can see the loans you are eligible for. Best of luck!

  4. Veethi Vyas says:

    hello, i have been selected to Mount holyoke college with 50% aid, and for the rest of the remaining money, I would be needing financial assistance… please help me out.. thanks

    • blindblom says:

      Hi Veethi,

      Congratulations on your college acceptance. I have sent you an email with finanical aid information. Hopefully it will assist you with your remaining need.

  5. Grace Mkemwa says:

    My name is Grace, I’m a Tanzanian woman who got accepted to New York University for MPA program. I have applied for scholarships but I know I will look up to you if I won’t get full funding for my studies. Can you please send me an email with step to securing loans. How long does the process takes from applying to receiving loans?

  6. Josophine says:

    Am interested to study inUS but I have problem I can’t afford to pay fees on My own I need your assistance,please help me out.Am in Ireland ,but am from Malawi Africa.

    • blindblom says:

      Thank you for your comments. I have sent you each an email with more information on how to find scholarships and international student loans to fund your studies. I hope this assists you with your needs.

      Good luck!

  7. zimgirl says:

    Hi there, I’m from Zimbabwe and have recently been accepted to study medicine in the US. However, like everyone above, tuition/ living expenses is a huge cause of concern for me. I would greatly apprecitae any advice you have on available loans/ scholarships? Thank you

  8. Susan says:

    Am for Kenyan Lady and my question is. Do you lender loans to Kenyan and if so what is the procedure, how long it will take to get the loan and the repayment mode.

  9. Amoo Samuel says:

    i am from Nigeria,i am good in chemistry,geograghy,english and mathematics then better in other subject,i wish to study abroad in the usa as my first choice and any other country as my second choice,but i have no money with me.i just need any body or firm or any organisation to help me in terms of financial aid,if i get there i will be schooling and working then refund the money with interest.thanks for looking forward to my assistance.may God help you

  10. nathan fikre says:

    wanna study abroad looking for scholar ship

  11. nene says:

    I have been admitted into a university in Oklahoma but I dont have money to pay my tuition- about 15,000 USD. Please help me out! My admission will soon expire!

  12. lebswork Gebremariam says:

    I am Ethiopian and my name is Lebswork Gebremariam Currently I am working in Jimma university, department of Information science I have got admission letter for a two year master program at the international master in digital library learning (DILL) offered in collaboration with Oslo and Akershus university college of applied science in Norway, Tallinn university in Estonia and the university of Parma in Italy for academic year 2012-2014. The scholarship has granted me only 10 000 euro but this money is not enough for the whole master study and the DILL admistration explained to me that I should have to find additional money elsewhere. Here I want your assistance in securing the fund or can you provide me with information about other sources of support?
    If u wants my admission letter I will attach to u
    God bless you
    Lebswork Gebremariam
    Jimma University

    • blindblom says:

      Thank you for each of your comments!

      If you are looking for a scholarship you can search through our scholarship database to find an award that will meet your needs. After you find a scholarship you would like to receive, you will need to apply for it directly through the institution or company that is offering that award.

      If you are searching for an international student loan, you can compare loans and apply right online HERE.

      Hopefully this information will help each of you with funding your studies. Good luck!

  13. Isaiah Agboke says:

    I want to study medicine at wichita state university, US, can you help me find a cosogner to help me obtain loan. I am fro Nigeria.

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Isaiah,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Unfortunately we are unable to assist you with finding a cosigner. Usually this is a friend or family member that you already know. The main requirements to be a co-signer are that you are a US citizen or permanent resident with good credit, living in the US for the past two years. Once you find a co-signer you can start the process here.

  14. Krishna Harish says:

    I need a student loan. I got accepted by Macalester with 75% aid. Can u please provide me the details of scholarships and student loans??

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Thank you for your comment Krishna.

      I have sent you an email with more information on our international student loan and scholarship options. Hopefully this will help with your search.

  15. Gojko says:

    Hello , my name is Gojko and I am from Serbia I sent my application to college and also have US cosigner but when when we saw application for saliemae loan we realised that they ask me to give them usa ID, SSN number…
    I am still in Serbia and only document I can give them is F1 visa scaned and mailed to them..
    What can I do? My cosigner is ready to help but we don’t know how…

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Gojko,

      Thank you for your interest in an international student loan. I apologize for any confusion you have experienced while finding a lender. I have sent you an email with further information on your situation. Please feel free to reply with any questions you have.

  16. nelson Bassey says:

    i am already enrolled in the Caribbean medical university and i have paid my seat deposit of a thousand dollars. but i am still in need of a study loan that will help me complete my tuition and take care of my cost of living. i do have a credit worthy cosigner but i have not been able to see any study loan for students coming from africa. please in whatever way you can help me with the relevant information with regards to securing a loan, i would be most grateful. i have already applied for my visa and i should be leaving in january next year. I am writing from Nigeria

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Nelson,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, our loan programs are for international students from anywhere in the world studying in the United States, or for US students studying abroad. We do not currently have a program for international students studying elsewhere in the world, even with a US co-signer. However, if you are still in need of aid, you might want to check out available scholarships.

      Best of luck to you.

  17. Bahtiyor says:

    Hello! I’m Bahtiyor! from Uzbekistan,
    may i ask you i want study at Harvard university! can i get education loans? i have cognate who won green card 3 years before! please give me some advises about getting loans?

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Bahtiyor,

      Thank you for your inquiry. If you would like to apply for a loan to study at Harvard, you can begin by using the compare student loans tool. From there you can see which lenders are available at your school, pick a lender and apply online.

      Best of luck to you!

  18. Mustapha says:

    I am a Nigerian just secured a PHD admission in New Zealand, and I am looking for a student loan to fund it

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Mustapha,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, our loan programs are for international students from anywhere in the world studying in the United States, or for US students studying abroad. We do not currently have a program for international students studying elsewhere in the world, even with a US co-signer. If you would like more information about international student loans for studying in the US you can search here. Additionally, you can find more information on international scholarships here.

      Best of luck to you!

  19. micheal says:

    hello there, i am a Nigerian currently taking up nursing in the philippines in my the last semester of my last year and i am not experiencing financial difficulties, i just need a small loan to finish up, i can pay after when i get a job, think you can help with ideas ?? thank you

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Unfortunately, our loan programs are for international students from anywhere in the world studying in the United States, or for US students studying abroad. We do not currently have a program for international students studying elsewhere in the world, even with a US co-signer.

      If you would like more information about international student loans for studying in the US you can find more here.

  20. temmy says:

    hi am a nigerian just through with secondary school i have my gce result and want to read mass comm.not financially standard how can you help.

  21. Nursahat says:

    Hi ı’m Nursahat ı’m from Turkmenistan ı wont to stady english in us but ı don’t know how and where and ı have a problem ı don’t have more money for stady if you know some school for study english where ı’m study cheep and same time ı want to work for earn mone for study sorry about incorrect sentece or word thanks

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Nursahat,

      Thank you for your inquiry. I’m glad to see that you are interested in studying in the US. You can find more on international student loans here. There, you can view what lenders are available to you and apply right online.

      Good luck with your studies.

  22. Bryan says:


    I have been accepted to NYIT but i do not have any sponsor for my Visa procession. They say i must show that atleast $45400 in the bank statement..or my sponsors should show that they have that money. Am set to go for the 2013 fall semester and i really need help. Where can i get a students loan without a cosigner? And what is the possiblity of me getting a loan considering my mum is a school teacher. I need a students loan to cover for my visa issuance…

    Thank you

    Thank you

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Bryan,

      Unfortunately a co-signer is required for all international student loan programs. After you choose a lender that works with your school, you are able to apply for the loan- applying is the only way to know for sure if you and your co-signer will be granted a loan.

      You can get started here.

  23. Francis Charlene says:

    Can I obtain a loan to study in the Usa? I also want to be a citizen too how is it possible

  24. Souvik Ghosh says:

    I am joining masters in Electrical Engineering from San Diego State University this fall. I am interested in taking student loan for which I have a co signer in USA. Please let mw know the procedure.

  25. peter says:


    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for visiting. Unfortunately we only have loans for those from the US going abroad, and for international students coming to the US. However, you might want to check out if you qualify for any scholarships. Good luck.

  26. Javokhir Toshpulatov says:

    Hello. I am dead interested in studying at a university in usa like Harvird. Unfortunely i as well as my parents can’t afford me to study there. So that i am looking forward to find a loan’type for me to pay my tuition fee and living costs 🙂 can you advice me somewhat type of loans which can be given to uzbek national students 18 years old

  27. Adebiyi Abiodun says:

    Pls I wish I could be one of opportunist of this student loan. I’m a graduate in chemistry SLT in EKSU Nigeria.I wish to proceed and study my masters degree in US.. Thanks

  28. edwin chituri says:

    hi my name is edwin chituri i come from zimbabwe i applied at phoenix east aviation school and i need loan so that i will be able to pay the fees

  29. Mercy Lianika says:

    Am mercy from kenya l need cosigner for my loan to study in usa

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