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April 12th, 2012 by Jonathan Frankel

Just when you thought the leading resource in international education financial aid couldn’t get better, it did. has recently had a facelift that includes new additions along with multiple updates to existing features making it a complete resource for finding the aid you need overseas, all in one spot.

IEFA has a new, polished look, but the main feature of this site still includes a scholarship database which holds over 900 awards for international students and those studying abroad. The IEFA relaunch includes updates of the most recent information to existing content, giving students a better chance of receiving aid! Instead of searching through hundreds of scholarships, awards can now be narrowed down by searching what students are studying, where students are studying or their origin and destination. The scholarship database is now continuously updated meaning less scholarship searching and more scholarship applying!

Although scholarships assist students with their financial needs, most of them do not cover every expense associated with international education. The IEFA relaunch now allows international students in need of a private loan access to the loan information they need with a user-friendly loan comparison tool. With multiple outlets of funding available, IEFA has become a complete resource for students looking to fund overseas education.

IEFA is also the new home of the IFAB blog. This content offers the most up to date information in the international education financial world. International students in need of tips or guidance along with their financial assistance will find this beneficial.

IEFA has been a valuable resource for international students for 14 years, with the IEFA relaunch they will now have access to even more comprehensive information and the financial aid they need.


  1. Sylvester says:

    Can someone who is not in College yet,but has completed high school with excellent grades,have an access to study abroad with a financially aided scholarship?

    • blindblom says:

      Hi Sylvester,

      Thank you for your question. Each of the scholarships listed have different requirements to apply. My best advice would be to search through the scholarships with the new quick search tool. This will narrow down the list to find scholarships that fit your criteria. Good luck.

  2. Talent Kadungu says:

    thank you for the services, do offer loans to students from Zimbabwe. if so how can i access the service?

    • blindblom says:

      Hi Talent,

      We do have international student loan options for students from Zimbabwe studying at an approved school in the US. I have sent you an email with more information and links to apply online.

  3. Tosca says:

    Hi. Are there any international scholarships available for students wanting to do a high school completion program? I’m from south africa and i really want to do a high school completion program in a USA Community college

    • blindblom says:

      Hi Tosca,

      There are a number of scholarships avaliable that are independent from a University. My best advice would be to search though the scholarships using our new quick search tool and select “search only independent award listings.” This should help you in narrowing down your search and find a scholarship that is right for you. Good luck!

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