International Scholarships for Denmark

June 13th, 2014 by Jennifer Frankel

denmark map184015350From pouring money into scholarships to loosening regulations, Denmark is proposing a series of measures meant to attract more international students as well as retain them in the workforce for a number of years after their graduation.

International Scholarships for Denmark Announced

Working closely with the private sector, the Danish government has detailed a plan that will make the process of studying abroad in Denmark more streamlined, more affordable, and with more potential for landing a promising career in the country upon graduating.

  • Scholarships—The Danish government has pooled resources with various private sector interests to set aside 25 million DKK (US $4.6 million) in order to generate 65-70 new scholarships, and only expect that amount to grow over the coming months as more businesses sign on.

  • Streamlined Visa/Work Permit Process—One easy way the Danish government has been able to appeal to international students is by digitizing and streamlining both the process to obtain an international student Visa as well as that for a Danish residency permit (regardless of whether the student is attending a public or private institution). Moreover, if completing study at the graduate level, an international student can apply for a permit which gives them the right to start a business and work for two years in Denmark.
  • Flexible/Reduced Tuition and Fees—in order to offer “strategic pricing”, the otherwise static prices of courses would be altered. This means that overall tuition rates and fees for international students may decline, however, those courses that are in greater demand among international students may see their associated fees increase, while courses unpopular amongst international students can be offered at a reduced rate.
  • Use of Foreign Recruiters—The Danish government has also allocated funds to utilize foreign student recruitment agencies; a real benefit for students from countries wherein utilizing a recruitment agency for studying abroad is often a necessity.
  • Expanding Study/Career Pathways—In addition to establishing new scholarships, Denmark is also expanding already successful study and career pathway programs like ‘Top Talent’. The ‘Top Talent’ program is one of the most successful career pathway programs in the country, and offers courses of study with career placement to primarily Chinese, Brazilian, and Indian students.

Denmark has a specific number of international students it is hoping to draw, so those students searching for a great location in which to study abroad should consider researching international scholarships for Denmark while these incentives last.


  1. Dayna says:

    Greetings , I am an aspiring educator, whose interested in exchange programs an such. it is my desire to be enrolled in a noble institution which will facilitated my desire and buttress my goals. i would be honored to be granted this scholarship as it will enable my first step to collage in perusing my goals.

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Dayna,

      Please make sure that any scholarship you wish to win, you first apply. If you’re not sure how to apply you will want to contact the institution that is hosting the award.

      Good luck!

  2. Gauhar says:

    I am Gauhar Moldahmetova, Kazakh girl and Turkmen citizen, currently studying in Russian University of People’s Friendsdhip at the 3d course of dentistry. I am deeply interested in exchange program with Denmark school with further transferring opportunity. Unfortunately, nobody here can give me info about application process, scholarship and grants. can anybody help me and explain the details?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Gauhar,

      While we are not able to guide you when it comes to finding an exchange program, we can assist you with where to look when it comes to finding a scholarship to study around the world, including in Denmark. You will want to start here in our scholarship database. You can then filter by where you are studying to find a scholarship that will work for you. Best of luck!

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