Attention International Students! Improve Your Scholarship Chances

November 22nd, 2013 by Jennifer Frankel

164170012For international students studying in the United States, the most difficult part of the process is funding. Tuition in the US can be extremely costly, particularly for international students, and many students let this fact discourage them from pursuing a US education. Don’t be one of these students! There are several ways to finance a US education. One of the best ways is through scholarships.

Scholarships grant students the money needed to finance their educations, and are provided by businesses, organizations, or schools to students for academic or other achievements.

When applying for a scholarship, you will generally be required to fill out an application detailing your personal and academic information, as well as write an essay on a particular subject.

We’ve collected a short list of tips to help you complete the best application so that you can improve your scholarship chances.

1. Actually Apply.

It seems too obvious to even mention, but many international students don’t apply for scholarships because they don’t want to spend the time the process requires, they don’t know there are scholarships available to them, or because they don’t think they have a chance. Don’t make this mistake!

2. Be a Leader.

Many scholarship foundations are seeking individuals with strong leadership abilities. International students may not be used to the American emphasis on leadership, and will need to seek out ways to develop and demonstrate leadership skills. Look for opportunities to volunteer for a leadership position in organizations or clubs on your campus. Many US schools offer campus workshops, leadership programs, and activities that help students develop their skills as a leader.

3. Brush Up On Your Writing Skills.

The scholarship essay is the most important aspect of your application; it allows you the opportunity to give the organization an idea of who you really are. Writing styles tend to differ from country to country, so international students should know that US committees will expect objective, structured essays that get straight to the point. Stick to the topic at hand, double check your grammar, and edit thoroughly. It may be a good idea to have your American friends proofread your essay; they may be able to point out aspects you have missed.

Read our full post about scholarship essays here.

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