Top 10 Schools Providing Financial Aid to International Students

June 26th, 2013 by Jennifer Frankel

A recent New York Times article announced, “many public institutions that used to get most of their financing from state governments now rely on tuition for more than half their budgets.” It comes as no surprise then that with international students paying out of state tuition – which is higher than the in-state tuition – along with international student fees, that colleges are turning to international students to not only diversify their student body but to also help bridge the funding gap. With that being said, however, there are still schools providing financial aid to international students that show their hard work, dedication, and capability to rise above the challenge.

The U.S. News Report comes out with the list of top 10 schools providing financial aid to international students. This can be quite helpful as studying abroad can be expensive between, travel and tuition, student fees and programming – and after all said and done, the majority of international students are not eligible for federal financial aid programs.

Here are the top 10 schools providing financial aid to international students according to this 2011-2012 report:

School State Average aid awarded to international undergraduates Number of international undergraduates who received aid
Yale University CT $53,255 350
Skidmore College NY $52,967 64
Harvard University MA $51,865 504
Amherst College MA $50,990 141
Trinity College CT $50,854 139
Williams College MA $50,591 127
Dartmouth College NH $48,977 251
University of Chicago IL $48,907 58
Bates College ME $48,888 76
Duke University NC $48,391 134

According to this list, you’ll notice a lot of big name universities and colleges – and most are located in the Northeast in the United States. While applications can be competitive, and financial aid even more so, having an outstanding college application with strong test scores and high school stats can provide you with the opportunity to stand out among the rest.


  1. Nadia Elhabak says:

    I need to take scholarship to take My Master and PhD degree in Linguistics

  2. Hina Baig says:

    —For my bachelor I need Finance??
    Interest in Petroleum Engineering, MS & PhD In Reservoir Engineering—-

  3. edward gbakoyah says:

    what is the standard set to obtain a scholarship

  4. Ouedraogo Moumouni says:

    i need somme aids to study in united states

  5. edwin chumba says:

    i am a kenyan student and i would like to have a scholarship to study in the United states

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      We are glad to see that each of you are interested in studying in the US!

      To find out what financial aid you will be eligible to receive at the school of your choice, whether it is a school on this list or not, you will want to contact the school directly. They will be able to help you with applying for aid offered through their institution.

      Good luck!

  6. Boketsu Banganganda says:

    Your Boketsu ask partners if i can to received assistance financial for to pay educational and cover my needs such:tuition;room fee;insurance;travel and others expenses.
    Mr Boketsu Banganganda;Bonald

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Boketsu,

      Thank you for your inquiry. For educational financial assistance you may want to explore applying for a loan after you have tapped all of your scholarship outlets.

      You can get started on your search for a loan here.

      Best of luck!

  7. Ayer says:

    I wanna pursue MBA .

  8. Akobundu onyinyechi .G. says:

    I will like to study abroad

  9. Boqore says:

    I wish to go beyond secondary school but due to financial I am stuck so I wish to be one of the luck students gain the scholarship from the mentioned schools. Hope you all the best

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Boqore,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to hear that you are stuck financially.

      If you would like to attend one of these schools, you will need to apply to them directly. To find more on financial assistance, you can also visit here.

      Good luck!

  10. Frida Bessem says:

    Please I wish to pursue a Masters Degree in Public Health, but can’t fulfill my dreams due to financies. Can you please help me fine a scholarship for this. I got admission in Nottingham some years ago but no financies. University of Liverpool is offering me a place presently for online studies, but waiting for my respondse financially. Thanks.

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