International Student Recruitment is on the Rise

November 27th, 2012 by Jennifer Frankel

One obstacle faced by many international students is the small number of non-US students who are accepted to US universities each year. Even if you are a great student with excellent grades and references, you might be rejected simply because the school you applied to had already accepted as many international students as it is willing to take.

Luckily, this problem appears to be getting much better. Driven partially by a need for increased funds, along with an interest in promoting diversity in their campuses, international student recruitment is on the rise in the US. This is especially true in the midwest. In Indiana University, for example, international students have gone from less than 100 to over 2000 attending students in just five years. This news comes despite college enrollment leveling out overall, and it is a trend that will hopefully continue into the future.

Those most benefited by this increase have been Chinese students, who are currently the largest demographic of international students in the US. There have been increases with many other demographics as well, such as students from South Korea, India, Saudi Arabia and many more countries.

Because international student recruitment is on the rise, your chances are higher now than ever to get accepted into your school of choice! Even if you don’t get into an ivy league college, many international students have been attending lesser known state schools. These colleges, while not as well know, can still give students an amazing education.

When international student recruitment is on the rise it benefits everyone. This includes the international students who are getting the best possible education just as much as the US students who are able to learn from the diversity of cultures at the school! If you are interested in applying, please check out our scholarship page where you can get financial help in your studies abroad!

* Woman with chart picture is thanks to Shutterstock.

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  1. Mwando says:

    Knowlegde the good path way of getting a better enviroment.

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