Must See US Landmarks

November 12th, 2012 by Jennifer Frankel

Despite its relatively young age, the US is full of amazing and often awe inspiring historical landmarks and natural wonders. If you are an international students with some extra time and money, you owe it to yourself to travel and take in some of the sights that the country has to offer. Whether you are just driving a couple of hours to see something local, or doing a full on tour of America, there are hundreds landmarks and natural wonders that you should definitely try to visit.

Mount Rushmore
Jutting out of the side of a mountain in South Dakota are the faces of four former US presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. If you are anywhere near Mount Rushmore you should definitely take a trip out there – it definitely one of the must see US landmarks. Fun fact: Mount Rushmore was supposed to feature the entire bodies of the US presidents that it depicts, however construction was forced to stop in 1944 due to lack of funding.

Grand Canyon
If you are more into natural wonders than man made ones, then the Grand Canyon in Arizona should be on your list of must see US landmarks. Carved by the Colorado River over millions of years, the Grand Canyon can only be described as “awe inspiring”. The canyon is almost 300 miles long and almost 20 miles wide at its widest.

Niagara Falls
Another natural landmark, Niagara Falls is a set of three waterfalls that border the US and Canada. If you want to see them from the US, you will have to travel up north to New York. The waterfalls are more than just something nice to look at too – they also provide hydroelectric energy to the population of New York State.

Washington DC
Washington DC, while not a landmark in and of itself, is filled with dozens of must see US landmarks. As the political capital of the US, Washington DC is home to the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, countless museums and, of course, the White House. Any international student interested in US history or modern politics should take some time to visit Washington DC.

* Photo of Mount Rushmore courtesy of Shutterstock


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      Hi Magaya,

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