Applying for International Scholarships

January 23rd, 2012 by Jennifer Frankel

If you are an international student planning to come to the US, you may be interested in applying for international scholarships. While you’ll need to fill out the application and meet the requirements for your scholarship, if awarded you’ll receive a payment to support your education. Scholarships can be awarded for academic or other achievement – and there are many available so make the most of it!

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you when applying for international scholarships:

– Deadlines. When it comes to financial aid in general, timing is everything. Make sure that you know what is due, and more importantly when. Many scholarships have limited funding and are competitive with many applicants. Make sure to keep track of when you’ll need to submit the necessary documents to increase the chances of receiving a scholarships. If you use a calendar, make sure to note deadlines and set reminders to keep you on track.

– Essays. Many scholarships require applicants to write essays. You may find yourself writing, reading, and then re-reading your essay. Many students at the end of the process will end up reading what they thought they wrote – instead of what they actually wrote – and will miss small typos or key words. Have friends, teachers, and family members read over your essay and make any changes. Proofreading your essays can increase your odds of being awarded a scholarship.

Read about how to write a scholarship essay.

– Don’t waste time. Many scholarships have eligibility requirements – before applying make sure you read all the fine print. There are many scholarships out there that you can apply for, but spending time applying to scholarships that you are not eligible for is a sure loss of time. We all know that international students are busy, between wrapping up school, working, and the many other day-to-day tasks. Spend your time wisely by reading the details carefully.

– Best foot forward. While content is #1, there is something to be said for presentation. Make sure that your documents are well organized and presented neatly. If you need to handwrite documents, be sure to spend the extra few minutes to make it clear and legible.

– Application. Not all fields on an application will apply to you. Don’t leave any ambiguity as to whether you forgot to fill it in. Make sure that you fill out every field, if it doesn’t apply to you just indicate “N/A” (or, not applicable).

– Create a timeline. Applying for international scholarships can require many steps, including essays, applications, references, transcripts, and much more! Don’t leave it to the last minute. Create a calendar that divides up the tasks to make sure there is enough time to get everything done.

– Make copies. Before submitting the information, make sure you keep copies on hand. It’s always a good idea to be able to refer back to it for other scholarships or to resubmit it in case it gets lost in transit. No need to do the same work twice if you’ve already done a good job the first time. Make it count, and make the most of your time!

– Last glance. Finally, before you submit your work to the organization make sure you go over all the requirements and dates. If you have additional time, have another trusted person take a look at it as well to make sure that you meet all of the requirements.

Good luck applying for international scholarships! Let us know if you have any additional scholarships tips that you’ve found.


  1. zulfiqar says:

    do we have any scholarships for australian universities?

  2. Mukhammad says:

    Hi i am an international student. Can you please find me colleges which could fund me for 100%? Hope soon to hearing back from you…
    Sincerely Mukhammad

  3. Cynthia Flint Crawford says:

    Did you state that You also provide Student Loans for US Students to Study Abroad? I’d like to know more.

  4. Chiomberegwa Gapare says:

    I am a Zimbabwean man aged 30, staying in Soutth Africa because of political and economic hardships. In South Africa I have been voluntarily working with refugees from many African countries and subsequently devoloped a strong passion for studying Social Sciences.
    Information and advice on how I can get a scholarship will be greatly appriciated.


    I want to apply for international scholarship.I want to study abroad. please help me to apply. I am very interested with your system of education.
    Being a computer science student of 200 level student.

  6. anatole mayema says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Good Day to you first!
    My name’s Anatole Mayema, a Medical Doctor from Africa with five years of experience as General Practitioner .
    I’m very interested in getting a scholarship in order to get a Master in Public Health in Walden University(usa).

    In fact, my vision in seeking this schoolarship is to be more qualified so,i’ll be able and confortable to help people in Africa where the Public Health is a serious problem or anywhere with an Humanitarian International organization so, do please help me in getting this fabulous oppurtunity.

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon,
    Yours sincerely,

    Dr anatole Mayema.

  7. Ngoma Nguvulu says:

    hi,I am medical student in D.R.congo.I am recommanded to aplly for scholarship in the lap of your institution.


  8. Akupendaye Louis Tesha says:

    Hi! can I get a loan for studing in Finland? Am living in Tanzania , I have already got the enrollment chance, issue is money , am ready for any agreement with you.



  9. souert vannak says:

    My name’s souert vannak,a freashman student in English Mjor at Pannasatra University of Cambodia.I’m very interested in getting a scholarship in order to study Bacholor degree in Englisg Major in Oxford University .Can helpme 100% fund in order to study there. I’m looking for ward to hearing your news soon

    Souert vannak

  10. chukwuma junior says:

    Good day sir,
    sir,am here in respect of the scholarship award.please sir i’ll b glad if only i would get the opportunity to study in UK.please sir as you do these,may God reward you accordingly .
    Your’s faithfully
    chukwuma junior.

  11. Lara Osisanya says:

    Hello! Am a Nurse in Nigeria,RN since 2004 & i would like to study abroad(BSc).Kindly help me out with the lists of school offering scholarship in my field.Hope to hear from you soon.God Bless!

  12. Tony.Menza says:

    I’m Kenyan,kindly asking for a schorlaship(100%)to the UK.
    On receiving,I’ll be glad.
    GOD bless

  13. Mbah didime says:

    hello sir! my name is MBAH DIDIME. F . i have a dream and i expect that one university in usa could take me. i am a Cameroonian. thank you for all thinck you do for us.

  14. Bamgbade says:

    I am a nigerian graduate of biochemistry with second class upper. Can i get full msc biotechnology scholarships to proceed? Or can i get loan to study in uk university

  15. Francis says:

    am a Kenyan citizen, a holder of Bachelors in Business Management. am really interested in getting a scholarship to study for my masters in financial risk management or any relevant field.can i get funding to study in a UK university? welcome your response.

  16. Nurbakyt says:

    Hello! I’m from Kazakhstan and would like to know if you have scholarships for the studies connected with Politics?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  17. Thomas says:

    I am a current student studying in india in university . How can I get a schoolarship to support my studies in order to continue the next year ?

  18. job philip kamgba says:

    i need scholarship or students loans to study petroleum engineerig in any university abroad.i am a secondary school certficate holder.thanks as i await your replies.job philip kamgba

  19. EZENWUBA NONSO says:

    please how do i apply as a scholarship student?

  20. younouss fall says:

    I am an international student and I am pursuing A business management degree at kirkwood.I am looking for a scholarship in order to succeed in my studies.I had 3.5 GPA last semester that is why I want to apply for a scholarship to reach my goal.

  21. Tlhabaki says:

    I am South African and hold a B A (Writing, Media and Film Studies) from the University of Cape Town and a B A Motion and Picture Honours from AFDA. Can i get a scholarship to study at NYFA?

  22. Lydia says:

    My name is Lydia,a medical student from Ethiopia.I really need to learn abroad and gain financial aid.I kindly request you to offer me the apportunity.
    Thank you.


    can I apply for scholarship or student loan to study in Ukraine {preparatory faculty}?

  24. christina mgoji says:

    helw!am christna from Tanzania.l would love if you give a scholarship of studying abroad for accountancy in UK or a secondary school certificate holder.please help me with this.god bless u!

  25. Jimi jeje says:

    Please any detailed information on scholarship for LLM in any University in the US? Please keep me informed.

  26. Ezirim Chimazurum says:

    please from most especially the western part of Africa student seek for scholarships but yet do not stand a chance of getting it because the websites always say things different from what we the websites should give us tips on how to get these scholarships

  27. Good day sir,I am a cameroonian graduate that has suffered because the educational system is not professonally oriented and lack career orientation.I Would like to obtain a scholarship to professionalise myself and help my society.Can i have a scholarship to this regard.Thanks for the opportunities

  28. Estefani says:

    Hi! I’m an international student and I would like to know a little bit more about universities in New york, the only problem is money,is there any way i can get into an agreement? is there any university that can help me?

  29. Andres says:

    HI there, I was awarded the slorcahship this morning but before I accept I have been trying to establish whether the slorcahship is legitimate. It is called the World Scholars Alumni Foundation Scholarship and it will cover my books, accomodtion, fees and expenses (a great slorcahship) but I am a bit concerned that I cannot find any information on previous winners. It also requires me to pay 94$ for a fingerprint certificate and 100$ for membership to the World Scholars Alumni. I am not sure how to go about checking the legitimacy of the slorcahship!Please help!!!Have you ever heard of it before?

    • blindblom says:

      Hi Andres,

      Unfortunately I am not familiar with this scholarship. I would suggest doing further research before committing. If you are in need of further scholarships, you can search here. Good luck!

  30. Tesfaye Diriba says:

    I`m ethiopian and live there.I have BA in Dev`t Management with CGPA of 3.92 from Ambo University in i want to continue my education in business area .
    so,i hope you will give me a positive response.

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Tesfaye,

      Thank you for your comment. If you are looking for a scholarship that will help you fund your studies, you can browse awards here. There are multiple awards to apply for, so I hope you find the aid you need.

  31. BINSON F BANDA says:

    Hie sir/madam,iam a malawian boy,a holder of a secondary school certificate obtained in 2012.kindly looking for a scholarship to study social science in uk, postively waiting to hear from you.

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Binson,

      That is great you have decided to study in the UK! To find a scholarship that will assist you with your studies you can start here. Once you find an award that you would like to apply for, you can then contact the institution hosting the award directly.

      Good luck!

  32. Onyinye celestina mbazulike says:

    I am a nigerian girl,in 200l in school of midwifery.nid a scholarship to study nursing in uk.pls can u help me?

  33. gabriel Nyoni says:

    very helpful

  34. kudzai sigauke says:

    good tips…currently looking for a scholarship to do a postgraduate degree or masters in business

  35. Annabella Ann says:

    I am a Cameroonian, currently studying Biochemistry in the university of Buea. Pls I nid a scholarship to further my education

  36. treskie karonga says:

    Am looking for someone to sponsor my education,am in my 10th grade,please!

  37. Bongani Mavimbela says:

    m looking fo sum1 to help sponsor me.i want to study Nursing assistant certificate and m already accepted at Good shephard college in swaziland….plz help

  38. caroline says:

    am in university can you give me a masters scholarship?

    • Bryanna Davis says:

      Hi Caroline,

      To receive a scholarship you will first have to apply. Please follow the link above to get started.

      Best of luck.

  39. romeo mabandha says:

    am looking for a scholarship to study law in the U.K, have gotten offers from many different universities

  40. Abdellatif says:

    Hello Everyone, Im looking for norwegian universities, to continue my study there, and i need a help, please, can someone, help me and guide me to find one and to give me some more information to study in norway that im from morocco, out of the UE? Thanks and best regards.

  41. Nakitende Regina says:

    hello, i am a Ugandan female perusing a degree in industrial and organizational psychology currently in Maker ere University. i am looking for a sponsor to help me continue with my masters studies in business psychology in US

  42. Dinah Smith says:

    Warm greetings,i am a 21 years of age young lady from Namibia.Graduated from high school in the year 2012,where i was a science student.Due to financial difficulties thus both my parents are pensioners I am forced to stay home for 2years now.Having a passion of becoming a doctor will not make me accept the idea of staying home,I believe I am not a lazy individual,that is why I have been searching for help and still is inorder to further my studies in the US,not only because it is a foriegn country,but because it has the best lecturers,and i want to settle for the best to be the best in saving lives.It would be an honour to recieve help to change a life,to change my life.Thank you very much.

  43. Herine Okinda says:

    Dear sir/madam, att: Executive director,

    Am KRN/M 2nd student nursing/midwifery at PUMWANI School of Nursing & Midwifery in dire need of a bursary or scholarship to enable me complete my studies.

    Silver & Gold belongs to him LORD, this is the most burden am facing.

    I love midwifery and like saving lives of infants & mothers which is alarming by working as volunteer before & after completing my course.

    I look forward hoping that you will accord me the above support.


    Herine Okinda
    P.O.Box 43516-00100
    Nairobi, Kenya
    Mob; +254711187902

  44. isihaka wabwire abdul says:

    Iam kenyan i living in saudiarabia am looking for any sponsor who can pay fee for me for my further study in uk

  45. Nicholas muya K says:

    I am a 25 years old gentleman from Kenya.currently perusing a Diploma in kabete Technical training institute,am in second year student but due to lack of money it seems that am not going to study again due to lack of finance.Am working very hard in college. sometimes I miss some classes so that I can go to work so that I can pay my fees.if I can find a sponsor or sponsorship is my great achievement I could ever a good athletic.I will be very happy If considered

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