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December 27th, 2011 by Jennifer Frankel

As more students decide to study overseas, financial aid plays a critical role for many students looking to make this a reality. Financial aid comes in many forms, including scholarships, grants, and loans. For many international students, even with the assistance of scholarships and grants, there is still a need to secure additional financing by taking out a loan.

Many international students have had difficulty finding lenders that will loan to international students. Some lenders require students to be a US citizen or permanent resident and all lenders work with specific school (and these lists of approved schools vary by lender). Because of this, many international students have to read through the terms and conditions or complete the application to see whether they meet the eligibility requirements for each lender.

This has all changed thanks to International Student Loan’s new loan comparison tool. This loan comparison tool takes all of this information into consideration to match international students with the right loan options instantly. International students simply indicate their school, citizenship, and whether they have a cosigner, and they will be given a list of lenders to compare that have been matched based on their eligibility. Once international students have chosen their loan, they can proceed to the application and apply for the loan directly.

International Student Loan’s Comparison Tool is making financial aid easier for students to study overseas, saving  time and providing students with option to make studying abroad a possibility. For any questions on how this works, you can contact representatives at International Student Loan.

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  1. Emmanuel Adu says:

    I need the student loan, am from Ghana.

  2. Ollie Edmunds, MD says:

    I am a medical school professor at Tulane who is trying to help a brilliant Australian student who is a senior in an American university, Stetson in Florida. He has been accepted into several American medical schools, including Johns Hopkins, but cannot afford them. His family in Australia is in poor financial condition. Can you help advise me?

  3. nai says:

    I leave you this message in order to profit with an financial aid within the framework from my studies at the thank you for your comprehension

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