AAUW International Fellowship

December 12th, 2013 by Bryanna Davis

woman thinking about money179219474AAUW International Fellowship
Deadline: December 1

Since 1917 AAUW has awarded more than 3,300 women around the world funding through an international fellowship. The AAUW International Fellowship grants funds to women who are full-time students and scholars who are not US citizens or residents.

The following will be awarded to its respective fellowship:

  • Master’s/First Professional Degree Fellowship: $18,000
  • Doctoral Fellowship: $20,000
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: $30,000

Recipients of this award are chosen based upon academic achievement and commitment to women and girls. Women interested in an AAUW International Fellowship will need to submit the following to apply:

  • The application form
  • Filing fee of $30
  • Official transcripts
  • Proof of bachelor’s degree
  • Proof of doctorate degree
  • Official report of TOEFL test scores or request for waiver
  • Letter of admission
  • Acknowledgement postcard

You can find more about these fellowship opportunities and how to apply here.

Win the Swedish Scholarship Challenge

December 5th, 2013 by Bryanna Davis

swedishflag452532035The Swedish Scholarship Challenge
Deadline: December 11

Don’t forget, you only have a few days left to apply for the Swedish Scholarship Challenge. If you’re a Chinese citizen and are in your last year of earning your bachelor’s degree at a Chinese university or already have your bachelor’s degree from a Chinese university- don’t miss applying for this award!

The Swedish Scholarship Challenge will grant four Chinese students a full tuition waiver to use toward pursuit of their Master’s program at one of two Swedish universities: Chalmers University of Technology or Lund University.

If you’re eligible, you only need to visit the link below and follow these five steps:

  1. Sign up
  2. Take the multiple choice quiz
  3. Choose economics or management engineering track
  4. Answer the case question
  5. Submit your transcript and English test results

You can find more on the Swedish Scholarship Challenge and how to get your Master’s degree in Sweden started here.

Search International Scholarships for Free Money

December 3rd, 2013 by Jennifer Frankel

blackboardwithpiggybank159415722December is here! And before you head off for winter break, it’s important to also think about your finances. Set a few hours each day searching for awards and applying so that you’ll be in good shape in time for the new semester. Our Scholarship Search makes it easy to do, here’s how:

  1. Register
    Create an account to allow you to search, save and apply for the awards of your choice. Totally free, all you need to do is register here.

  2. Search awards
    Once you have registered, now you can search awards based on the name of the award, what you are studying, where you are studying, or where you are from. You will be able to narrow down the awards to those your are eligible for.

  3. Apply
    You will be able to get the information you need to apply for the scholarship. Fill out the appropriate forms and submit the information directly to the organization of your choice.

Not ready to apply? You can also bookmark the awards that you are interested in, and come back later to apply. Yes, it really is that simple!

Scholarships, grants, and fellowships are the perfect award as it is money given to you that is not required to pay back. Depending on the award, you may need to show that you need the money, or it may be based on merit.

If you still need additional help funding your education overseas, then an international student loan can cover the gap. Unlike scholarships, grants, and fellowships, loans require that you pay back the money with interest. Our Comparison Tool will allow you to select your school and citizenship, and find the available loans that will work for you.

Want more information on scholarships? Check out our scholarship blog posts.

The Undergrads Unleashed Scholarship

November 28th, 2013 by Bryanna Davis

studyonline179504838The Undergrads Unleashed Scholarship
Deadline: December 6

If you’ve thought about exploring the world of online classes, here’s a great chance to receive a scholarship to help you fund you way. Chegg and Semester Online is granting one student the tuition for a four semester online course and a $3,200 stipend.

TheUndergrads Unleashed Scholarship is open to all US college sophomores, junior and seniors who are currently enrolled in a four-year accredited university and are in good standing. This award is not limited to those pursuing a specific field of study.

Eligible students can apply before December 6th by writing a 600 character statement in response to the question on the application form. This year’s statement should answer the question of how taking online classes would help the student make the most of their college experience. The winner of this award must apply and be admitted to Semester Online.

Find more about the Undergrads Unleashed Scholarship and if you are eligible to apply here.

Attention International Students! Improve Your Scholarship Chances

November 22nd, 2013 by Jennifer Frankel

164170012For international students studying in the United States, the most difficult part of the process is funding. Tuition in the US can be extremely costly, particularly for international students, and many students let this fact discourage them from pursuing a US education. Don’t be one of these students! There are several ways to finance a US education. One of the best ways is through scholarships.

Scholarships grant students the money needed to finance their educations, and are provided by businesses, organizations, or schools to students for academic or other achievements.

When applying for a scholarship, you will generally be required to fill out an application detailing your personal and academic information, as well as write an essay on a particular subject.

We’ve collected a short list of tips to help you complete the best application so that you can improve your scholarship chances.

1. Actually Apply.

It seems too obvious to even mention, but many international students don’t apply for scholarships because they don’t want to spend the time the process requires, they don’t know there are scholarships available to them, or because they don’t think they have a chance. Don’t make this mistake!

2. Be a Leader.

Many scholarship foundations are seeking individuals with strong leadership abilities. International students may not be used to the American emphasis on leadership, and will need to seek out ways to develop and demonstrate leadership skills. Look for opportunities to volunteer for a leadership position in organizations or clubs on your campus. Many US schools offer campus workshops, leadership programs, and activities that help students develop their skills as a leader.

3. Brush Up On Your Writing Skills.

The scholarship essay is the most important aspect of your application; it allows you the opportunity to give the organization an idea of who you really are. Writing styles tend to differ from country to country, so international students should know that US committees will expect objective, structured essays that get straight to the point. Stick to the topic at hand, double check your grammar, and edit thoroughly. It may be a good idea to have your American friends proofread your essay; they may be able to point out aspects you have missed.

>> Start searching for scholarships now

The New School Competition

November 21st, 2013 by Bryanna Davis

cap185037681The New School Competition
Deadline: February 1

High school students who want a challenge won’t want to miss this opportunity! High school and secondary students around the world are able to participate in the New School Competition for the shot at receiving a full scholarship to the New School- worth $160,000! Here are the steps to enter the New School Competition:

Step 1: Register- Before the competition begins, you must first sign up!

Step 2: The New School Quiz- Show how much you know about the New School and New York City.

Step 3: Logical Reasoning Test- It’s time to give your brain a work out, with a few multiple-choice questions.

Step 4: Select Your School- Do your research to find which school you love and want to attend:

  • Parsons The New School for Design
  • Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts
  • Mannes College The New School for Music
  • The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music
  • The New School for Drama

Step 5: School Specific Quiz- Answer a few questions on the school and field of study of your choice.

Step 6: Creative Case & Short Motivational Statement- Upload your creative video and motivational statement. Imagination is key for this step.

Step 7: Share on Facebook- Share your entry on Facebook and get recommendations from friends.

Step 8: Apply- Apply to the New School program of your choice by February 1st.

Get more details on how to apply for the New School Competition for the chance at a full scholarship, partial scholarship or iPad Mini!

Merit and Motivation Scholarship

November 14th, 2013 by Bryanna Davis

europrize144232604Merit and Motivation Scholarship
Deadline: January

Exception students at the Global College Malta now have the opportunity to receive financial assistance through the Merit and Motivation Scholarship. This award is not limited to international students from a specific country or who are pursuing a specific degree program. However, the amount awarded will vary depending on what you are studying. The award amounts are as follow:

  • The Foundation Course in Management with English: Up to €4000
  • BA in Management: Up to €4000
  • MBA: Up to €6000

International students must be enrolled at the Global College Malta to be eligible to apply for this award. Those who are interested in applying must send in the following before January:

  • Transcript of Records
  • CV (Resume)
  • A motivation letter
  • Two letters of recommendation

This award will be granted to exceptional international students who stand out amongst the crowd. Those who apply will be evaluated based upon their transcript, achievements outside education and motivation behind studying at Global College Malta.

If interested in this award, you can find more information on the Merit and Motivation Scholarship here.

Maroon Global Excellence Scholarship

November 7th, 2013 by Bryanna Davis

Maroon Global Excellence Scholarship
Deadline: December 16

goldworld92283661Non-US citizens pursuing or who plan to pursue a degree at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities now have the chance to receive one of 70 awards in the amount of $12,500 to help fund their education through the Maroon Global Excellent Scholarship.

This scholarship is awarded based upon academic merit and does not require an additional application form. All freshmen and transfer student applicants who qualify will automatically be entered into the pool of candidates. Students selected for this scholarship are typically academic- focused individuals who rank in the top percent of their class. This award is not limited to individual in a certain field and will be dispersed over a four year bachelor degree program, equaling approximately $3,125 each year.

The University of Minnesota has multiple campus locations and encourage incoming international students to find one that will best meet their needs, including when it comes to financial aid.

If you would like more information on the Maroon Global Excellence Scholarship you can visit here.

KTH Master’s Challenge

October 31st, 2013 by Bryanna Davis

swedish currency179988402KTH Master’s Challenge
Deadline: November 12

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is hosting the KTH Master’s Challenge! The competition is open to those who have been accepted/will be into their chosen KTH Royal Institute program at the time of entry. For each master’s program there will be a first, second and third place prize awarded. The awards are as follows:

First: A full scholarship for one of the three programs at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, a VIP invitation to the prize ceremony in India- domestic travel and lodging expenses covered, a winner’s certificate and the university application fee waived.

Second and Third: A VIP invitation to the prize ceremony- with domestic travel and lodging expenses covered, a winner’s certificate and the university application fee waived.

Winners may also receive additional prizes from ABB- including work projects and a cash prize.

To enter the competition, follow the steps:

  1. Sign up to enter
  2. Take the short IQ quiz
  3. Take a short quiz on Sweden-India relations, Swedish innovation and KTH
  4. Choose your program
  5. Take a short quiz based upon your chosen program
  6. Write a personal statement

Each step must be completed by November 12th, the winners will be announced December 18th and the prize ceremony will follow in January.

Find more information on the KTH Master’s Challenge and how to apply here.

The Green Store Challenge

October 29th, 2013 by Bryanna Davis

greenrecycle178442930The Green Store Challenge
Deadline: January 7

DO School fellows who are looking for a challenge, experience, and to save some cash, here’s one that you might want to check out. The DO School and H&M have teamed up to establish this challenge, to help the push toward creating stores that are sustainable in terms of materials, construction, energy and operation. The Green Store Challenge will allow fellows to create a green store prototype that is scalable to H&M stores world-wide.

Fellows will have the opportunity to first connect with leading experts on various environmental aspects relating to the construction and operation of stores, including construction materials, recycling systems and sustainable interior design. Fellows will then conduct research to ensure they firmly grasp the vision that H&M has when it comes to finding a sustainable design and operation.

Individuals at the DO school between the ages of 18 and 28, from around the world are able to apply to participate in this challenge. Twenty fellows will be selected to participate in the Green Store Challenge and receive a scholarship to cover the cost of tuition. Each of the fellows will live and work together during the 10 week incubation phase. After this, fellows will return home and begin the 10 month implementation phase of the program through an online platform.

You can find more on the Green Store Challenge and how to apply here.