Chinese Ambassador’s Scholarship Launch

April 26th, 2012 by Jonathan Frankel

Chinese Ambassador’s Scholarship Launch
Scholarship Deadline: Unrestricted

Twenty-two students attending the University of Liberia have the opportunity to receive a scholarship from the Chinese Ambassador’s Scholarship Launch. This scholarship program was officially launched April 4 by China’s ambassador in Liberia, Zhao Jianhua. The awards are for students in the Science and Agricultural College studying science, technology, agriculture or forestry and will assist the awardees with tuition and lab fees associated with their studies. Awards are given based on student’s subject of study as well as their grade average.

The launch is consistent with efforts to improve the Science and Agricultural College and increase the number of students studying the sciences at the University of Liberia. This scholarship program is centered on progression in the areas of science and technology and was launched to assist with the reconstruction of Liberia. If you attend the University of Liberia, please contact your school for more information on this award.

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