International Student Voice Magazine Microscholarship

September 22nd, 2016 by Jonathan Frankel

International Student Voice Magazine Microscholarship
Deadline: October 21st

If you could us an extra $100 then make sure you apply to win an award through the International Student Voice Magazine Microscholarship. This scholarship is open to international students in the US on a valid F1 or J1 visa- students can be pursuing an ESL program, an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree.

To apply for this scholarship you must submit a short essay that answers the International Student Voice Magazine question. Your essay must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and include a photo of yourself. All entries can be submitted directly through the International Student Voice Magazine site.

Past questions have included topics like:

  • “What were your perceptions about the United States before you arrived and have they changed since studying in the country?”
  • “The U.S. Presidential Election is this November. What has been your observations so far about the election process and the presidential nominees?”
  • “What has been your observations about dating/relationships in the U.S.? Is dating different in the U.S. compared to your home country?”
  • “What has been your most frustrating experience studying in the United States? Why was it frustrating and how was it resolved?”

The October microscholarship question will be posted on October 10th. If interested, get more details on this microscholarship and how to apply here.

International Student Voice Magazine was founded in 2011 and is written by international students for international students. This magazine “aims to make the experience of international students positive, useful and rich while they pursue their dream education at our campuses.”

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