Why Do Scholarships Need My Transcripts?

January 5th, 2014 by Jennifer Frankel

Many international scholarships, whether they are based on need or merit, will require you to submit your official transcripts along with your completed application. While not all scholarships require this, the majority of them do, especially the more competitive and higher value awards. Nevertheless, your transcripts are an indication of your academic performance along with an overall prediction on your future performance. Because of this, you will most likely need to have official transcripts.

  • What Is An Official Transcript?

An official transcript is your transcript printed by your school on official paper, sealed in an envelope, stamped with the school’s official seal, and signed by the registrar. This ensures that the transcript has not been tampered with and that this is the true and official document.

  • What Is An Unofficial Transcript?

An unofficial transcript is a listing of coursework and grades, which can many times be viewed right online depending on your school. Most scholarships will not accept the unofficial transcript unless it’s an on-campus award and the details confirm that it is acceptable for submission.

  • How Do I Get An Official Transcript?

You will need to request the official transcript from your school. Many schools require that you pay a fee to do this, and will also charge you an additional fee to send it to a specified address. If this is the case, we recommend asking for multiple copies as many scholarships, schools, and possibly job employers may request this from you. Remember, don’t open the envelopes as this can make it invalid as an official transcript and thus may not be accepted.

  • Why Do Scholarships Need My Transcripts?

There is no doubt that an international scholarship is competitive. Many students are competing for free money – and if you had hundreds or thousands of dollars, would you give it to just anyone? Of course not! Whoever is giving out this award wants to make sure that you have the proper credentials and are deserving of this money.


  1. Jan Hanson says:

    Should my daughter submit her transcripts even though they haven’t been requested? She received a scholarship from this organization last year and now they have sent her an application for 2nd year students.

  2. Amanuel says:

    I could not pay my fee to request my official transcript. what can I do ?

  3. Elijah Ugwu says:

    Please how do I apply for undergraduate international Scholarships

  4. Jannatul says:

    I am study in 11th grade in Bangladesh ,I wanna apply for
    Undergrade scholership in USA ,I just want to know what should do now?

    • Charmone Wallace says:

      Hi Jannatul

      To browse the scholarships available, please visit our website. There, you can view scholarships that you might be eligible for by browsing our awards or using our quick search tool, which will narrow down the scholarships based on what you are studying, where you are studying, or where you are from. https://www.iefa.org/scholarships

      Once you find a scholarship you are eligible for or interested in, you must contact the institution responsible for the scholarship directly. They can assist you with the application process and any questions.

      Best of luck with your application
      – The IEFA Team

  5. Ibrahim Isa Ibrahim says:

    I graduated from college of education.
    Can I apply for bsc scholarship with my college certificate if possible then, is it necessary to provide SAT and IELTS results and must I bring my college transcript? I am waiting for your response please

    • Charmone Wallace says:

      Hi Ibrahim,

      Congratulations on graduating!

      Regarding your questions, scholarship requirements can vary, so it’s essential to check the specific criteria for the scholarship you’re interested in. Typically, scholarships may require college transcripts and other documents, such as standardized test scores (like SAT and IELTS), depending on the scholarship provider’s guidelines.

      For the most accurate information, I recommend visiting the official website of the scholarship or contacting their admissions office directly. They can provide you with detailed instructions tailored to the scholarship’s requirements.

  6. Muhammadu Abdulfatah says:

    Sir, i have a national diploma ,can i use my national diploma official transcript instead of my secondary school transcript.
    hope my request will look into your consideration
    Thank you sir

    • Charmone Wallace says:

      Thank you for your comment and question. The acceptance of a national diploma official transcript in place of a secondary school transcript can vary depending on the specific requirements of each award. I would recommend checking the eligibility criteria for the award you’re interested in, or reaching out directly to the awarding body for clarification.

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