International Students Find Teaching Assistant Opportunities

August 10th, 2012 by Jennifer Frankel

As an international student, you most likely have an F1 visa to come and study in the US.  Because of restrictions on this visa, the easiest place for you to try to work will be on campus.  Thankfully, American college campuses, especially the larger ones, have many jobs that need to be filled by students.  You can work in an on-campus facility such as the pool or dining hall, you can work for one of the administrative offices, or you can try to find a teaching assistant opportunity with one of your professors.

Most college professors will have one or more teaching assistants that work with them each semester.  Some lecture hall at large universities can hold over 1,000 students, so the professor will likely lecture and then divide the class into smaller discussion groups to be led by a student teaching assistant.  You will then hold one or two classes per week with your assigned students where you can review the lecture and go over homework.  In order to find a teaching assistant opportunity, you will need to be a top student in the subject you are pursuing.  You should also contact professors that you are interested in working with as soon as you find out when and where you will be studying.  Get your name on the professor’s radar because they will most likely already have their teaching staff assigned by the time you show up for class.

Each university differs, but if you are fortunate enough to earn a teaching assistant opportunity, you can be compensated.  This is a great way to study in the US but come out the other side with a smaller bill to pay.  To pursue different teaching assistant opportunities, check your department of interest within the universities you are considering.  It’s never too early to start planning your time as an international student in the US.


  1. Harelimana Aloys says:

    I am a Rwandan citizen I have just finished High school and I would like to study ESL,then I am applying for Scholarships,Financial Aid and Loans.
    Harelimana Aloys

  2. Nuruddeen Suleiman says:

    Dear sir/ma, I am directed to inform you that i am studying language/linguistics, 100 level and student at Gallaudet University Washington DC. I have been applying for loan, scholarships, federal finanical aid etc. I am waiting that i have good result before i will continue my application for postgraduate student. Thank you Nuruddeen

  3. Flomo Oliver Williyan says:

    I am a Liberian citizen desiring to study in the US and to have a teacher assistant job really as Pool or dining hall attendent, or as an Office Administrative Assistant. I am a prospective graduate(BBA in Accounting) of the University of Liberia, December 19, 2012. This assistance will enable me continue my study @ the next level. Thanks, Flomo

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Flomo,

      To find out what assistantship opportunities you are able to choose from, you will need to contact your school of interest directly. They will be able to assist you with what your options are and how you can obtain these postitions. I hope you find what you are looking for!

  4. ogunmakin muyiwa says:

    I am certainly sure am interested with the info i just read now.

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