Know What is Included in Your Tuition

July 23rd, 2012 by Jennifer Frankel

Before you come to study in the US, you should know what is included in your tuition – check each line item of your bill and know what it means. For most universities, tuition will only cover the courses you take. Schools charge per credit hour, so for example, if you take four courses that are worth three credits each, you will pay for twelve credits. Some universities might offer a flat rate that will remain the same no matter how many credits you take, so you could get more of a bang for your buck if you took the maximum number of credits allowed.

In addition to tuition, you will also be responsible for fees. This cost covers things like registration, student activities, on-campus transportation, and general upkeep of the campus that all students must contribute to. This expense will generally come in the form of a lump sum per semester of attendance.

Then there are living expenses such as the cost of your dorm and food. This is where the costs become variable depending on how much you want to spend. You can choose from a variety of living situations and a variety of dining hall plans, or you can just shop at the grocery store. Some universities will list the cost of a computer or clothing, but if you are bringing those things with you then you don’t have to buy them in the US.

To get the best idea of how much it would cost to attend a particular university, you should visit the admissions website and get a list of estimated costs. It is important to remember that tuition and fees are unwavering, but the school estimates everything else. Don’t be scared by the sticker price, schools usually place a higher estimate on variable costs so students will be eligible for more financial aid: if it looks like it costs more, chances are you will be offered more money.

Tuition itself is often only the beginning of what you’ll need to pay to come and study in the US, but the good news is that there are hundreds of opportunities to research that can help you find the best overall package for what you want. The first step in addressing these costs, however, is to know what is included in your tuition.

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  1. Steven Kabaringo Atukwase says:

    I am in week 6 of Doctor of Business Administration degree online at Walden University. Am Ugandan working in Ethiopia. I have no tuition i would like to be sponsored for the course. The University is warning to stop my studies if i do not pay in a weeks time.

    • Bryanna Lindblom says:

      Hi Steven,

      I’m sorry to hear that. If you are interested in learning more about scholarships to assist you with your funds, you can browse awards here.

      Good luck, I hope you find the aid you need to continue.

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