STAR Act Proposed to Help Foreign Students with Work Visas

June 4th, 2012 by Jennifer Frankel

United States Senator, John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas introduced the STAR Act which aims to help international students with graduate degrees live and work in the US post graduation. The bill is an attempt to give more H-1B visas to students who graduate with high level degrees in needed fields in the United States. Currently, there is a cap of 85,000 visas issued annually – far lower than the demand, and arguably need, that currently exists.

The Securing the Talent America Requires for the 21st Century Act, or STAR Act, aims to allocate 55,000 work visas for those students with a job offer who have obtained a master’s or doctorate degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics from a US institution.

According to the Senator, “The U.S. attracts the best and the brightest, but because of our cap on the number of visas, we usually send these people home. Then they turn around and compete with us by creating jobs in their native countries.”

Taking this merit-based approach, many companies and other government officials are praising the bill, saying that it is a way to retain and attract some of the best and brightest people from around the world to stay in the United States.

Read more about this in the Bellingham Herald.


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