International Students Choose Tech Schools

February 16th, 2012 by Jennifer Frankel

In the past, many international students came to the United States looking to study at a handful of well-known, prestigious universities and colleges throughout the nation. As the number of international students continues to grow and the price tag among these elite schools is also increasing, many international students are considering other alternatives.

Tech schools, also known as vocational schools, are designed to train students on specific skills such as computer technology or health care. Instead of a traditional University, the emphasis of a tech school is to prepare students for jobs by giving students skills directly related to their employment. Many international students are turning to technical schools to get their US education – and at a greatly reduced price!

Why, you might ask? First of all, many of these tech schools offer more affordable tuition and most degree programs can be completed quicker than a traditional college. With a growing demand for international students, tech schools are combining these offerings with scholarships to further reduce the price for students. Let’s look at Tennessee Tech who in one year grew from 53 (in Spring 2011) to 188 (in Spring 2012) international students. According to Amy Miller, Tennessee Tech study abroad coordinator, one reason for this increase is that students are getting different types of scholarships, including funding from their home country’s government.

And financing isn’t just the end of it; tech schools aren’t stopping there either. In addition to their degree program, tech schools are now introducing English language centers to help students improve English fluency before beginning their coursework. Texas Tech, for example, plans to open an ELS Language Center this June to help expand their reach globally. While there are no scholarships for ELS students at Texas Tech, they are looking into the possibility of extending scholarships to the English learning process as well.

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