Applying for International Scholarships

January 23rd, 2012 by Jennifer Frankel

If you are an international student planning to come to the US, you may be interested in applying for international scholarships. While you’ll need to fill out the application and meet the requirements for your scholarship, if awarded you’ll receive a payment to support your education. Scholarships can be awarded for academic or other achievement – and there are many available so make the most of it!

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you when applying for international scholarships:

- Deadlines. When it comes to financial aid in general, timing is everything. Make sure that you know what is due, and more importantly when. Many scholarships have limited funding and are competitive with many applicants. Make sure to keep track of when you’ll need to submit the necessary documents to increase the chances of receiving a scholarships. If you use a calendar, make sure to note deadlines and set reminders to keep you on track.

- Essays. Many scholarships require applicants to write essays. You may find yourself writing, reading, and then re-reading your essay. Many students at the end of the process will end up reading what they thought they wrote – instead of what they actually wrote – and will miss small typos or key words. Have friends, teachers, and family members read over your essay and make any changes. Proofreading your essays can increase your odds of being awarded a scholarship.

- Don’t waste time. Many scholarships have eligibility requirements – before applying make sure you read all the fine print. There are many scholarships out there that you can apply for, but spending time applying to scholarships that you are not eligible for is a sure loss of time. We all know that international students are busy, between wrapping up school, working, and the many other day-to-day tasks. Spend your time wisely by reading the details carefully.

- Best foot forward. While content is #1, there is something to be said for presentation. Make sure that your documents are well organized and presented neatly. If you need to handwrite documents, be sure to spend the extra few minutes to make it clear and legible.

- Application. Not all fields on an application will apply to you. Don’t leave any ambiguity as to whether you forgot to fill it in. Make sure that you fill out every field, if it doesn’t apply to you just indicate “N/A” (or, not applicable).

- Create a timeline. Applying for international scholarships can require many steps, including essays, applications, references, transcripts, and much more! Don’t leave it to the last minute. Create a calendar that divides up the tasks to make sure there is enough time to get everything done.

- Make copies. Before submitting the information, make sure you keep copies on hand. It’s always a good idea to be able to refer back to it for other scholarships or to resubmit it in case it gets lost in transit. No need to do the same work twice if you’ve already done a good job the first time. Make it count, and make the most of your time!

- Last glance. Finally, before you submit your work to the organization make sure you go over all the requirements and dates. If you have additional time, have another trusted person take a look at it as well to make sure that you meet all of the requirements.

Good luck applying for international scholarships! Let us know if you have any additional scholarships tips that you’ve found.


  1. Nakitende Regina says:

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  2. Dinah Smith says:

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